The new design classic for the kitchen:

A stylish hot spot for sharp blades

Its looks alone ensure the new CLASSIC IKON knife block from WÜSTHOF is something to rave about. The block has a warm, dark wood finish and is the perfect place to store the quality double bolster knives with their elegant, cream-coloured handles. In this successful balance of materials, form and function come together in perfect unity. Made from solid thermo beech, this stylish knife block is a safe place to store six knives as well as a honing steel and kitchen scissors.

Just like the forged knives, this knife block reflects the passion, diligence and perfection offered by the knife specialists at WÜSTHOF. The manufacturing process uses exclusively renewable beech wood, which is heated to 160°C to change the molecular structure of the wood. This thermal treatment process caramelises the natural wood sugars and closes the pores so that the wood can absorb almost no more moisture at all. The wood also becomes harder and will neither shrink nor swell up. In order to maintain the fine colour of the wood, simply treat the wood with natural oil or natural wax every now and then. This will seal it again whilst maintaining permeability and ensure it stays pleasing on the eye for many years to come.

The CLASSIC IKON knife block comes with knives from the range of the same name. Made from a single piece of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel, forged at 1,200° C and then sharpened to a perfect edge, these high-quality knives with a double bolster are in a class of their own.
Always close at hand in the kitchen and safely stored in the knife block, you will find a trimming knife, sausage knife, carving knife, cook's knife, bread knife, Santoku, honing steel and kitchen scissors. Those who prefer a classic look might like to try the elegant WÜSTHOF knife block in black ash or thermo beech - combined with CLASSIC IKON knives with black handles.

The knife block is available from good retailers.