NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation.

The aim of this charitable organisation is to protect public health and the environment.

It certifies appliances, including kitchen equipment and knives, which are not harmful to human health when used with food, water or air.

As well as the product's performance, its design, sound construction and the safety of the material used are also tested.


HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.

It covers the hazard analysis and inspection of all critical aspects of working with foodstuffs – from growing, processing, manufacturing, packaging, storing and distributing to merchandising.

The HACCP regulations were introduced by the EU in 2006 and apply to all businesses involved in at least one of the above activities.

The application of these regulations should minimise the risk of foodborne illnesses and food poisoning.

In kitchens, for example, the regulations stipulate that different knives must always be used for raw meat, fresh fish and vitamin-packed fruit.

Can't I just rinse the blade off in between and carry on using the same knife?

No, that's not allowed!

The new colour coding of the PRO range prevents any cross-contamination or confusion by ensuring that each workstation is supplied with the right professional knives:

White = For bread & pastries
Yellow = For poultry
Red = For meat
Blue = For fish
Green = For vegetables

This makes work flows easier and increases hygiene levels when preparing meals.

Perfect and professional cutting experiences every day.