If your knives are blunt, you can sharpen them using a diamond or ceramic sharpener or a whetstone.

The difference between these devices and the honing steel is that they are used to actually grind away material from the blade, making your knives sharp again.

Diamond sharpening steel

The special shape of the diamond abrasive surface produces an optimum edge on the knives.
The rod is made of a core of solid stainless steel.
Depending on the size of the sharpening steel, up to 2 million diamond grains are applied to the surface using a special process.
The extremely fine grit guarantees a smooth, sharp cutting edge and therefore ensures your knives stay sharper for longer.
An additional layer of hard chrome gives this sharpening steel an even higher wear resistance.

The diamond sharpener is available in a fine or normal grit.

Ceramic sharpener

The ceramic sharpener has the same function as the diamond sharpener.
It also has two different grits (300 and 1000).
The material is, however, very brittle and therefore sensitive to shocks. If the ceramic sharpener is dropped, it can be damaged.
The absolute hardness is very slightly below that of the diamond sharpener. Ceramic sharpeners gently sharpen the blades.
The sharpening result is somewhat finer than with the diamond sharpener.

Here you can see how to get the best use out of your sharpening steel.