Knife sharpeners

Knife sharpeners - ceramic

If you would rather not use a steel, you can use one of these knife sharpeners instead.

Two ceramic disks ensure a fixed angle for grinding.

  • Insert the blade of the knife so that the base is vertical in the slot with the grinding slats.
  • Hold the knife sharpener tightly with the other hand.
  • Pull the blade using light pressure straight through to the tip.
  • Repeat the process until the knife is sharp.
  • The non-slip base of the knife sharpener will ensure that it will not slip.
  • Suitable for left and right-handed people.

Knife sharpener with two levels (coarse and fine)

WÜSTHOF also makes a knife sharpener with two different levels.
The blade is guided precisely thanks to the pre-set angle of the diamond and ceramic slats.
Sharpening is easy even if you are not used to it.

Using the first level (coarse), diamond-coated abrasive wheels sharpen your blunt knife.
In the second level (fine), the ceramic slats can be used for the regular sharpening of blades as well as for fine sharpening following on from level 1.

This is how it is done:

  • Place the sharpener on a firm surface and keep a firm hold on the device. Guide the blade of the knife at an angle of 90 ° to the sharpener into the slot.
  • Hold the knife upright and pull it using light pressure straight from the base of the blade to the tip.
  • Repeat this process.
  • Do not pull the knife backwards and forwards.
  • Also suitable for serrated knives. In this case, use only level 2.
  • Suitable for left and right-handed people.