Cutting board made of thermo beech

Thermal treatment of beech wood
This wooden product has undergone a simple and extremely natural process to ensure long-term protection against environmental influences.
Wood that has been treated with this method is considerably more dimensionally stable and water-resistant - almost completely waterproof in fact – and without any coating.
The wood is "baked" at moderate temperatures of 180⁰ - 220⁰C.
This changes the structure of the wood and gives it a beautiful dark brown colour.
It becomes significantly more durable and barely absorbs any water.
Thermo-treated wood is therefore less susceptible to swelling or shrinking and is also resistant to wood fungi.
The wood is pleasant to touch and also looks good.
To begin with, it will have a slightly smoky scent.
Thermo-treated wood dries out much more quickly than untreated wood and requires significantly less maintenance.

Care instructions:
Wood treated with oil may stain to start with!
Please use paper towels to rub it dry.