Care Instructions for your cutting board

How to care for your cutting board:

Never leave water or other liquids on the board for a long time or overnight.
It is often enough just to wipe the board with a damp cloth without using detergent or to rinse it off under the tap.
If the board is very dirty, use warm water and a mild detergent.
Always ensure that you wet the front and back equally to avoid any tension when drying.
The board should be placed upright to dry so that air can circulate freely around the board.
Complete immersion in water, aggressive detergents and extreme temperatures (hot + cold) damage boards.
Please note: Never wash your cutting board in the dishwasher!
To care for your board, you can oil the dry board from time to time with a light coating of cooking oil.
Use a cotton cloth to apply the oil. Then leave it to soak in and dry overnight.
This will maintain the moisture barrier.

Wood naturally destroys germs as it has an antibacterial effect.
Wood contains natural tannins, which kill germs.
The tannins are released each time you cut into the board so that germs are not given the chance to penetrate into the wood.