Indispensable in every kitchen:

The modern cutting boards for sharp knives

Every kitchen needs a reasonable cutting board. The knife specialist WÜSTHOF offers new elegantly-designed and functional cutting board made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), bringing fresh colour to your kitchen. The high level of flexibility offered by this special material acts like a buffer, protecting delicate knife blades. The knives therefore stay sharp for longer.
The boards bend, making it easy to transfer the food you have cut straight into a saucepan or frying pan. The plastic material does not absorb smells or flavours and can be sterilised. Simply pour boiling water over the plastic board and within 30 seconds at up to 150° C it will be sterilised. The cutting boards are dishwasher-safe, antibacterial and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20° to +150° C.

There are two sizes to choose from, each of which feature a juice rim. Both the small board (262 x 170 mm, 2 mm high) and the larger board (380 X 250 mm, 4 mm high) are available in a choice of fresh colours - black, red or green.
The low height makes the cutting boards easy to store in the drawer without taking up much space, keeping them at hand at all times. The small board also has a hanging loop and can be stored on a kitchen rail.

The cutting boards are available from good retailers.

Cutting board, length 262 mm, wide 170 mm, height 2 mm, item no. 7297 (noir), 7297r (red), 7297g (green)

Cutting board, length 380 mm, wide 250 mm, height 4 mm, item no. 7298 (noir), 7298r (red), 7298g (green).