Knife Guide II: meat and poultry

Christmas roast expertly carved and portioned

The time-honoured Christmas roast. At no other time of year are so many ducks, geese and other large pieces of meat roasted as in the festive season. The highlight for every amateur or professional chef is carving the “precious thing” in front of their guests. And so that everything goes smoothly, poultry shears and a carving set should be at hand as well as sharp boning and fillet knives.

Fillet and boning knife

CLASSIC Boning knife - 4610 / 16 cm (6
CLASSIC Boning knife - 4610 / 16 cm (6")

Fillet and boning knives are ideal for removing bones, skinning meat and poultry and removing sinew and fat. With the narrow, slightly curved blade it can be slid easily along the bone. The unusual shape of the blade is particularly characteristic of this knife. The thin, narrow and curved blade slices cleanly through food and cuts the skin and bones of meat and fish perfectly.

Carving knife

CLASSIC Carving knife - 4522 / 20 cm (8
CLASSIC Carving knife - 4522 / 20 cm (8")

This carving knife joints and cuts up roast meat, ham or poultry - whether raw or cooked - precisely and easily. This knife has a narrow blade and together with a meat fork makes up the ideal duo for carving roast and co safely and professionally.

Meat fork / carving fork

CLASSIC Straight meat fork - 4413 / 16 cm (6
CLASSIC Straight meat fork - 4413 / 16 cm (6")
CLASSIC Curved meat fork - 4411 / 16 cm (6
CLASSIC Curved meat fork - 4411 / 16 cm (6")

When a roast joint, poultry or other large piece of meat is to be cut up, turned, lifted or moved, a stable meat fork provides the right assistance. The long, tapered tines penetrate deep into the meat and hold the roast or ham firmly in place while carving. WÜSTHOF offers forks with straight or curved tines and in various lengths. The curved version is ideal for turning meat while the straight fork gives you a firm hold when cutting with a carving knife.

Poultry shears

Poultry shears - 5512
Poultry shears - 5512

Without poultry shears, it is practically impossible to joint a chicken, turkey, duck or goose. Poultry shears made from forged stainless steel lend themselves to perfect preparation. The sharp, curved blade will easily cut through the legs, wings, breast and back. With the notch in the lower blade the bones can be gripped better. Moreover, the fine teeth of the blade hold the meat firmly and do not let it slip away. A practical quick release pin also comes in handy, allowing the two blades of the shears to be separated from one another easily. A safety catch on the poultry shears stops the blades suddenly springing apart and therefore prevents injuries.

Cutting board

Cutting board - 7295
Cutting board - 7295

Cutting without a board is like cooking without an apron. You can do it, but a stable cutting board is an ideal surface if you need to cut or chop something. Cutting boards made from solid beech wood or water-repellent, heat-treated beech wood are a “must have” in the kitchen as they not only protect your kitchen worktops but also your knives.

All of these specialists are available from good retail outlets.

Boning and fillet knife from the “CLASSIC” series, 16 cm blade length - article no. 4610-16
Meat fork, straight, from the “CLASSIC" series, article no. 4413/16
Meat fork, curved, from the “CLASSIC" series, article no. 4411/16
Carving knife from the “CLASSIC” series, article no. 4522/20
Carving set, carving knife 4522/20 and
meat fork 4410/16 from the “CLASSIC” series, article no. 9740
Cutting board, heat treated beech, article no. 7295
Stainless steel poultry shears, article no. 5512