The Traveller Set - the ideal travel companion for every keen cook

Survival kit makes home cooks happy - even on holiday

Whenever you go away, make sure you pack the new Traveller Set from WÜSTHOF. Particularly if you like cutting things up for a picnic or when camping on holiday or when out and about, you will need some sharp knives. And who hasn't experienced staying in a great apartment on holiday, only to find cheap and blunt knives in the kitchen drawers, which only cause irritation when cutting.
WÜSTHOF now has the ideal solution for all travellers: Three knives from the CLASSIC range safely and tidily packed away in a washable black nylon bag. Kitchen scissors, a small knife sharpener and a corkscrew round off the set of kitchen must-haves.

The three knives forged from a single piece of steel are perfectly suited to a variety of tasks. Whilst the cook's knife is ideal for dicing, chopping and slicing meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, the sausage knife is best for slicing foods with a soft or hard skin. The serrated edge ensures the blade glides cleanly through foods such as tomatoes, cured sausage, cheese or bread rolls. The trimming knife comes into its own for cutting onions or herbs. This small and versatile knife with a slender, pointed blade and smooth cutting edge is also handy for finely chopping, cleaning or decorating fruit or vegetables. The stainless steel kitchen scissors with detachable pin are both essential and useful. They can be used for snipping and cutting foods such as herbs. If one or other of the blades should lose its sharpness, the little knife sharpener will come into its own. The blades can be quickly and easily sharpened in no time at all. And those who like to enjoy a good wine with their meal will soon learn to treasure the corkscrew. The non-slip soft grip coating and the long lifting arm make it easy to remove corks, so that nothing stands in the way of the perfect treat. The ideal travel companion for all WÜSTHOF cooking fans.

Traveller Set from the CLASSIC range – item no. 9789
Traveller Set from the CLASSIC range – item no. 9789

The Traveller Set is available now from specialist stores.

Traveller Set from the CLASSIC range, closed nylon bag 32 x 15 cm – item no. 9789