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Poultry shears – the perfect helper for carving

White or dark meat – that's the inevitable question to guests at the latest after the poultry has been carved. To ensure perfect results, WÜSTHOF premiers new poultry shears – excellent for carving up chicken, turkey, duck or goose.

Poultry shears are important "helpers" for carving up poultry. The new WÜSTHOF poultry shears are just perfect – especially when bigger bones need to be cut. These special shears not only come in handy for carving up roast meat, but for skinning and slicing as well. Even hidden corners can be reached with the slightly curved, sharp stainless steel blades. By means of the small groove in the lower blade, small bones can be easily cut through. Moreover, the blade's delicate serration firmly holds the food to be cut so nothing can slip away.
Ergonomically shaped handles provide for a secure grip. A spring enables the poultry shears to evenly distribute manual strength and make precise cuts. Any sudden opening of the blades is prevented by a safety lock on the poultry shears, thus protecting against injuries.

The poultry shears are available from upscale retailers.