Natural products in a timeless design

Solid beech wood chopping and serving boards

Working with wood products in the kitchen is great. The advantages of these natural products come to light particularly when using sharp knives. The solid boards protect the knives so the blades do not get blunt so easily and they are also particularly hygienic. WÜSTHOF, a traditional company based in Solingen, Germany, has developed three new chopping and serving boards in white beech, which will impress in the kitchen as well as on the table thanks to their plain design and natural simplicity.

Chopping and serving boards are indispensable items to have in the kitchen. Made from high-quality white beech, the solid and hygienic wooden boards from WÜSTHOF make ideal cutting bases. The three different formats can also be used for arranging and serving meals or snacks. Cheese, baguette or antipasti – all kinds of delicious foods will be shown off to perfection on the light-coloured wood. The timeless design fits in well with both modern and classic living environments. The smoothly sanded, gently rounded handles, which are glued to the board as well as being attached by two pins, are comfortable to grab and hold.

Wooden boards are naturally hygienic and long-lasting. To keep them clean, it is enough just to wipe the board with a damp cloth or rinse it off under the tap. If the board is really dirty, it should be washed in warm water using a mild detergent and, if necessary, a standard washing-up brush. To dry, always stand the board up so that the air can circulate freely around it. The chopping and serving boards should be rubbed, when dry, with a light coating of cooking oil so that they retain their natural beauty.

The chopping and serving boards are available from good retailers.

Chopping and serving board, 21 x 21 cm, product no. 7291-1
Chopping and serving board, 38 x 21 cm, product no. 7291-2
Chopping and serving board, 65 x 12.5 cm, product no. 7291-3