Making things a little lighter and easier

Expansion of the CLASSIC range of knives

Knives should fit nice and safely in the hand. This is where the bolster, the connection between the blade and the handle, plays a central role. It provides the right balance and also makes up the weight of a forged knife. Those with delicate hands, however, may find some knives too heavy for them. For those who would like things to be a little easier in future, the knife specialist WÜSTHOF now offers new half bolster knives, which are 30 percent lighter than the traditional full bolster knives from the popular CLASSIC range.

The lighter weight of the knives is down to the reduced bolster design and the thinner edge of the blades. This ensures that the knives, which are forged from a single piece of chromium-molybdenum-vanadium steel, fit comfortably in the hand and are ideal for precision cutting without making you tired. The special bolster shape allows the entire blade to be used and sharpened. You can choose from a trimming knife, a Santoku, three cook’s knives and a pastry knife with a serrated edge. All the half bolster knives come with ultimate sharpness and long edge retention thanks to the laser-controlled PEtec (Precision Edge technology) sharpening process. Each blade is measured by laser before sharpening so that it can be given the optimum cutting/sharpening angle. This guarantees a consistently high quality.

As with the forged knives from the CLASSIC range, the new half bolster knives also feature the classic, triple-riveted handles. This means that they fit in perfectly with the existing CLASSIC range and offer an even wider selection of models. All knives in the CLASSIC range are certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), a world famous US seal of hygiene and quality.

The following half bolster knives from the CLASSIC range are new:

The pointed trimming knife is the perfect choice for when vegetables need to be chopped particularly finely. This slender knife with its narrow, straight blade makes the task particularly easy and precise.

Cook's knife

The cook's knife is one of the most versatile tools in kitchen. Available in three different blade lengths, it is the all-rounder amongst knives.
With its wide and curved blade, it can be used for cutting, chopping, dicing or carving. The blade surface can also be used to shape, press flat and transport foods.


The knife with the typical Japanese blade shape is extremely versatile in the kitchen. The wide blade and particularly sharp edge are ideal for the finest cutting tasks. In contrast to the European cook's knife, the blade is wider, thinner and not as pointed.

Looks like a bread knife but has a rounded tip so that it can also be used as a palette knife. This specialist can be used to cut as well as to serve in portions. The serrated edge means it can be used to cut crusty bread, large fruits or pieces of meat.

The half bolster knives are available from good retailers.

Trimming knife with thin edge, 9 cm blade length, product no. 4065/09
Cook’s knife with thin edge, 16 cm blade length, product no. 4581/16
Cook’s knife with thin edge, 20 cm blade length, product no. 4581/20
Cook’s knife with thin edge, 23 cm blade length, product no. 4581/23
Santoku with thin edge, 17 cm blade length, product no. 4181
Pastry knife with serrated edge, 26 cm blade length, product no. 4514