Household scissors for precise and safe cutting

Nicely cut!

For WÜSTHOF, everything started with the production of scissors back in the days. When Johann Abraham Wüsthof founded the company in 1814, he was not only a dealer of steel and ironware but he also manufactured scissors. The traditional Solingen-based company expands its current range of scissors with a new line of household scissors and shears made from satin-finished stainless steel – the mirror image of quality and durability.

Household scissors and shears are the must-haves in daily work. That's exactly why WÜSTHOF expands its product range by high-quality, stainless steel household scissors and shears - all having an outstanding edge retention. Designed with daily use in mind, they are equally suitable for cutting paper, cardboard, textiles, cords and other thin materials.
High quality and durability is what characterises the satin-finished scissors, which are available in four versions. Re-sharpenable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel cutting blades make for consistent cutting results. Whichever scissors you decide on – thanks to the ergonomically shaped grip holes (experts speak of eyes), they fit perfectly in the hand and make for easy cutting. In kitchen or household, WÜSTHOF's robust and handy household scissors prove to be indispensable gadgets for the most diverse applications.
Stainless steel textile scissors are available especially for working with textiles, guaranteeing fatigue-free work over a long period of time.

The stainless steel scissors are available from good retailers.