PEtec - The new WÜSTHOF technology

PEtec is the new WÜSTHOF technology offering superior sharpness! To make something that is already good even better - that is the challenge we set ourselves. And so our engineers developed a new sharpening technique. This ensures that our knives are even sharper than ever before and retain their sharpness for even longer.

The technology

  • The blades are measured before sharpening using lasers.
  • Computers calculate the precise sharpening angle for each blade.
  • Precision robots sharpen the blades on a whetstone.
  • The knives are given a final polish using a special disc.

The pictures show a comparison: On the left, you can see the results using PEtec and on the right the results using standard sharpening technology.
The cutting edge produced by a knife using the PEtec process is extremely thin. This is what produces the exceptional sharpness.

The benefits

  • Extremely high initial cutting performance.
  • Exceptionally long edge retention / long service life of blade.
  • Optimum cutting edge along the entire length of the blade.
  • Unique, consistently high and reproducible quality.

The assessment

We have had our new technology tested by a scientific institute so that you as users can trust in an independent assessment.

The FGW (Forschungsgemeinschaft Werkzeuge und Werkstoffe, a German research association for tools and materials based in Remscheid) has tested the cutting performance of knives producing using this technology.

The results

The quality of forged WÜSTHOF knives produced using the PEtec process is significantly higher than that produced by the standard manual sharpening process.

  • Tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 8442‐5.
  • WÜSTHOF knives have a significantly higher ICP or Initial Cutting Performance.
  • Extremely long edge retention (TCC = Total Card Cut) for WÜSTHOF knives.