Are you using the right knife?

Just about everyone who starts seriously working with cook’s knives for the first time is amazed at the variety of different knives that exist on the market. How on earth do I keep on top of so many products, and how should I go about finding the right knife for me?
Not every knife is equally suitable for every (cutting) task. There are differences even within the same category of knife (e.g. cook’s knife): for example, we produce cook’s knives with different blade lengths and widths, and different handle sizes, that perfectly complement and balance out each other.
In addition to the different series, of course, there are also the different blade types.
There are a great many to choose from: blades with a smooth cutting edge, blades with a hollow edge, blades with serrated edges (convex, concave and double serrated), straight blades, curved blades, narrow blades, extra-wide blades, flexible blades, blades with holes – the list goes on.
What on earth does anyone need all those for? Which knife is the right one for what?
It is precisely this question that our new series of articles addresses. We will be offering you in our Blog some insights into which types of knife are best suited to which cutting tasks.