Kitchen knives and the trident – a symbolic history

The trident is the symbol of the Greek God Poseidon and his Roman equivalent Neptune. Just like this trident represents mastery of the water, the WÜSTHOF trident stands for absolute control of their own element - preparation in the kitchen.

The famous trident symbol was registered in 1895 as a trademark in the imperial German patent office in Berlin and is today legally protected in almost every country. The original version of the logo had a very elemental design – simple, sharp and to the point – a quality which had transitioned over the decades in numerous adaptations to the current zeitgeist.

With the redesign in 2018 the trident again resembles the original form and is free from the narrow frame of the red rectangle. It was also significantly adapted to the typical sharpness for WÜSTHOF: no prongs, brilliantly clear, reduced to the elements and also dynamically cut in the word mark.

The new dynamism and the consistent omission of unnecessary decoration underscores the strength and character of the symbol, which stands for WÜSTHOF like no other and thus their particularly high quality and durable products.