Quality and functionality

To manufacture leading products with a consistently outstanding level of quality and long life cycles - this is the maxim we have set ourselves. Quality rather than quantity is part of our everyday working lives and not something we simply pay lip service to.

At WÜSTHOF we have:

  • Strict quality checks after every work procedure.
  • The most up-to-date quality control procedures throughout the entire production process. This includes, for example: Optical measuring stations, which measure the blades in seconds to an accuracy of a thousandth of a millimetre; hundred percent blade checks; laser-checked cutting edge and the final cutting test for each individual knife.
  • If strict quality standards are not achieved, the knife is not approved for sale.

Alongside quality, we also focus on the functionality of our products. "Form follows function" - we consciously follow this phrase coined over a hundred years ago by the American architect Louis Sullivan. We expect our designers to develop products that fit in perfectly with our customers' requirements in terms of functionality.

The results are clear to see - or as we say in the American market, "Just feel it".