Passion for good bread. Two brand partners - one mission.

Jörg Schmid and Johannes Hirth, who describe themselves as the “Rock ‘n’ Rollers of baking”, have been the new WÜSTHOF Testimonials since January 2019. The experts in cutting and the experts in baking have combined their passions for the best bread and traditional handicraft. The WILDBAKERS will accompany WÜSTHOF at trade fair appearances, events and special baking events, and bring good old baking craft closer to the public in a relaxed way through their very own performance.

The WILDBAKERS made their first appearance at this year’s Ambience. At the WÜSTHOF stand they show that home-baked bread with sophisticated ingredients, and even red cabbage, is a pleasurable experience. The WÜSTHOF bread knife with precision double serrated edge is responsible for making the perfect cut in the bread. The knives with the unique double serrated edge cut hard crusts just as easily as soft bread or large fruits. An everyday thing suddenly becomes an experience for the senses: Cut fresh, fragrant bread yourself and enjoy the anticipation.

Two men who want to bake the perfect bread.

Jörg Schmid and Johannes Hirth are the wild young men of baking. With manual skills, original ideas and plenty of entertainment value, they are revolutionising a traditional craft. Their philosophy: a relaxed atmosphere, an exciting approach, and above all a lot of fun. They combine their specialist knowledge with classic basic recipes and unusual additional developments in an exciting way.

They met in 2008 at the baker master school in Weinheim. The WILDBAKERS celebrated the starting gun for their success story in 2012 when they won the German “Meisterschaft für Bäcker” (the Baking Championship). Numerous TV appearances as well as articles in various daily newspapers and magazines endorse their business idea. In 2016 they brought their first book “WILDBAKERS. Two men who want to bake the perfect bread” onto the market. But the “Rock ‘n’ Rollers of Baking” celebrated their greatest success last year with the award of the Gastro Stern 2018. It is the first time that two baking masters joined the line-up of star cooks. To reach as many people as possible with their passion for the best bread, the WILDBAKERS provide baking courses in both of their family bakeries and together produce stage bakery shows around Germany, which they call “Bakertainment”.

At a glance.

  • Cooperation between WÜSTHOF and WILDBAKERS since January 2019
  • Appearances at trade fairs, events and baking events planned
  • First appearance for WÜSTHOF at Ambience 2019
  • Presentation of WÜSTHOF bread knife with precision double serrated edge