WÜSTHOF magnet block with EPICURE knives.

The magnetic knife-block by WÜSTHOF captivates with its puristic, clean design and high-quality materials. The solid wooden block from thermal beech seems to float over the brushed, stainless steel foot. In the kitchen environment, this is a designer piece. In everyday life, it is characterised by durability and high functionality. Magnet blocks come with the advantage of being able to freely place the knives. On the WÜSTHOF magnet block the knives are held safely, gently and always to hand by the magnets embedded in the wood.

Magnet block and EPICURE – floating elegance meets balance and precision

The high-grade WÜSTHOF magnet block is equipped with six knives from the EPICURE series. EPICURE are the tools of two knife cultures. It combines the virtues of two great philosophies: The efficiency and lightness of Japanese knives is coupled with German quality and safety. WÜSTHOF has merged the best from both traditions in one unique symbiosis. The innovative bolster geometry and wider blade shape concentrate the weight of the knife in its centre. The knife moves neutrally around this centre of gravity. This creates an even balance, which enables agile and fatigue-free working. Balance and precision – robustness and lightness characterise this magnet block as well as the EPICURE knives. Together, they make a statement.

Equipped magnet block, item no. 9884-2

The magnet block is available with the following EPICURE knives:

  • Vegetable knife, item no. 3966/09
  • Slicer, item no. 3911/14
  • Santoku, item no. 3983/17
  • Chef’s knife, item no. 3983/20
  • Bread knife, item no. 3950/23
  • Sandwich knife, item no. 3922/23