WÜSTHOF knife blocks in fine woods with EPICURE series knives.

Blade-considerate design statements and practical storage for knives.

At this year’s Ambiente, the Solingen-based traditional company presented two new storage blocks, each fitted with knives from the EPICURE series. The straight-lined wooden blocks are an elegant and unpretentious eye-catcher in any kitchen. The blocks made from thermal beech and ash tree cream stand vertically on a stainless-steel pedestal with lasered logo.

Thermal beech wood possesses optimal material properties for the everyday world of kitchens. Solid beech wood is heated to 160°C, which changes the molecular structure of the wood.

The natural wood sugar caramelises and the pores close. This makes the wood harder and more resistant to humidity. Thermal beech is therefore especially durable and insusceptible. WÜSTHOF offers a range of products made from thermal beech, such as other knife blocks and cutting boards.

The bright block made from ash wood captivates with light elegance. Lacquered in a cream shade, the knife block becomes a subtle eye-catcher in any modern kitchen environment.

The blocks are available with six EPICURE knives.

Their design embodies a new type of knife which does justice to all cooking styles and sets standards in function and performance. The best properties of two great philosophies are united: The efficiency and lightness of Japanese knives are combined with German quality and safety.

The new knife blocks are available with the following EPICURE knives:

  • Vegetable knife, item no. 3966/09
  • Slicer, item no. 3911/14
  • Santoku, item no. 3983/17
  • Chef’s knife, item no. 3983/20
  • Bread knife, item no. 3950/23
  • Sandwich knife, item no. 3922/23

The knife blocks are also available non-fitted.