EPICURE Knife sets

WÜSTHOF expands the EPICURE knife series with two sets of knives.

The international launch of the knife series EPICURE was in the focus of product innovation which WÜSTHOF displayed at the AMBIENTE 2018. Two new sets complement the existing product range.

EPICURE Set of steak knives

The knives of the 4-piece steak knife set captivate with elegant and extremely sharp blades (12 cm long blades). Not only an excellent tool for cutting steak, but also an eye-catcher on any table.

The handle material consists of natural fibres and resin. It unites the feel of wood and the hygienic properties of plastic. The new bolster shape and wider blades enable efficient, safe and joint-gentle working. Epicure knives are forged from a piece of high-alloyed Chromium-Molybdenum-Vanadium blade steel and hardened on 58° Rockwell. This is surety for long cutting and good re-sharpening properties.

EPICURE Steak knife set - 9668
EPICURE Steak knife set - 9668

EPICURE Knife set

This 2-piece knife set consists of one chef’s knife and one vegetable knife, the base of knife equipment. The blade length of the chef’s knife measures 20 cm. The width and curved blade are ideal for cutting, chopping, scaling and cutting up. The vegetable knife, with its blade length of 9 cm, works specially well for all delicate works that occur from the wrist.

The handle, wide in the front and tapering towards the back, enables an ergonomically optimal grip position. The newly developed bolster shape effectively protects the fingers from contact with the sharp blade and imparts more safety and control of cutting guide. Every EPICURE knife is brought to the highest initial sharpness possible with the PEtec sharpening procedure developed by WÜSTHOF.

EPICURE knives stand for guaranteed WÜSTHOF quality.

EPICURE Knife set - 9682
EPICURE Knife set - 9682