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Sophisticated knife block in a purist design

Many different options are available for storing sharp knives in the kitchen. One particularly elegant solution is the new knife block with magnets from WÜSTHOF. The tasteful design and perfect combination of solid beech wood and sophisticated stainless steel make this knife block a real eye-catcher in any kitchen.

This sophisticated knife block with magnets was inspired by modern, purist kitchen designs. The object has a light and airy feel – the sleek combination of materials gives the impression that the solid thermo beech wood block is floating above the stand made of brushed stainless steel.
The block not only looks great, it is also impressively functional. Up to six knives can be placed on both sides. Knives with short or long blades are safely held in placed by the magnets fitted into the wood. They can be removed easily from the block without scratching them and are always close at hand. The smoothly sanded edges and stable stainless steel stand reflect the quality and attention to detail of the block. Non-slip rubber feet protect the work surface from scratches and ensure a secure base.

Details on the thermo beech wood:

Thermo beech wood has outstanding material qualities and is simply predestined for everyday use in the kitchen. How it is made: Solid beech wood is heated to 160°C, which changes the molecular structure of the wood. The natural sugars in the wood caramelize and the pores are closed. This effect makes the wood harder and resistant to moisture, so that it will neither shrink nor swell up. Thermo beech therefore lasts just as long and is just as resistant as tropical woods, which are much more expensive, and it has a similar high-quality appearance.


To ensure the fine colour of the wood retains its beautiful shine for years to come, natural oil or natural wax should be rubbed into the wood now and again. This will not only seal the wood whilst retaining permeability, it will also maintain its beautiful warm and dark colour.

The knife block with magnets is available from good retailers.

Thermo beech knife block with magnets and stainless steel stand, Product no. 7231

Dimensions of the wood section: 360 x 240 x 40 mm,

Dimensions of the knife block including stand: 365 x 275 x 150 mm,

4.55 kg weight, knives are not included.