Alexander Scharmberg
The music lover
Master creative craftsman
Who is Alexander Scharmberg?
Sharing skills and a love of food

Alexander discovered his love of fresh food at the age of five, when he enjoyed rolling meatballs, baking cakes and preserving fruit at his mother's side. With his fondness for culinary delights, the young Berliner apprenticed at the Forum Hotel in Berlin straight after leaving school and went on to the Kaisersaal and The Ritz Carlton Hotel, among many others.

He loves sharing his abilities with others as a hospitality consultant, coach and cookery instructor. Above all, he loves his performances as a show cook, for which he has taken professional acting lessons so that he is always at his best.

Why the WÜSTHOF Performer?
Sharp, balanced, on the beat

"Precise knife skills have always fascinated me. There is a great knife for every task in the kitchen and I love having a broad selection. With demanding and monotonous tasks that have to happen at high speed, I use music to motivate and inspire my work. When dealing with large quantities of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, my favourite is the 16-centimeter Performer Cook’s Knife. It looks great, very modern in style, it is perfectly balanced and is incredibly sharp. With this knife, it's like a never-ending dance on the chopping board! Thank you WÜSTHOF."

My moment
Cooking with my son

"My mother gave me my love of cooking. Helping her chop and slice the ingredients was fun. Today I feel like her, because my son is just like me. Whenever he can, he joins me in the kitchen and together we discover a multitude of tastes, surrounding ourselves with sounds of pots rattling and knives chopping. Sitting down at the dining table with the family afterwards, we all feel great. This experience is the soundtrack of my life."

My tip
Skills, craft and conviviality

"I'm a craftsman. I am proud of being a professional cook, especially when my work puts a bright smile on people's faces. I describe my style as honest Berlin cuisine. It's like the people here, we are outspoken, convivial and open to new experiences. We appreciate and respect food and are warm towards our guests. I take a real delight in cooking. I love instructing others and I love to experiment."

"I work precisely, whether lightly and delicately or vigorously and powerfully. I do my absolute best to try to get the most out of every ingredient."
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