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Which is the right cook’s knife for me?
The cook’s knife, also called a chef’s knife, is a basic piece of equipment used for most kitchen tasks, so choosing a less expensive cook’s knife can be a false economy.

WÜSTHOF produces a range of chef’s knives with different blade lengths and handle sizes. For each of these, the blade and handle are perfectly matched and well balanced.

In order to enjoy using your WÜSTHOF knife for longer, you need the right blade length as well as a handle shape and material that suits your hand. When buying a knife in our WÜSTHOF store in Solingen, one of our specialists can offer detailed advice.

When you hold samples of the various knife series in your hand, you will immediately know which series you feel comfortable with and which knives fit particularly well in your hand.

The following pointers will help you find your ideal WÜSTHOF knife:

• start by choosing the handle you like best,

• the blades of most cook's knives are almost identical; a 20 cm blade is usually the most useful,

• full bolster or half bolster? We recommend that you visit your specialist dealer and try the feel of both in your hand before making your choice.

This series combines centuries of craftsmanship with innovative technology. The diamond-like carbon provides the unique hardness and lotus effect.
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Limited to 1,500 pieces. With ultra-hard, diamond-like carbon coated blade. A handle made of millennium-old bog oak - with certificate of authenticity.
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This series offers you everything you need to prepare fresh food. You can choose from more than 70 different blade shapes at any time. Every cut is a success.
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Classic Ikon
Each blade features a striking double-bolster design, and the ergonomic handle rests perfectly in your hand for optimal performance and comfort.
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Fast-paced consumerism and carelessly produced fast food is not our world. Smoked oak, brass and stainless steel set a conscious counterpoint to the masses.
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Every knife unique. Hand-crafted from natural and water-repellent African Blackwood and through Variances in wood grain make each blade an individual piece of art.
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Urban Farmer
For environmentally aware trendsetters. Combination of sustainable tools and the precision of knives. Grow your own, prepare fresh, eat healthy.
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The perfect choice for the clever culinary expert. The laser-cut blades offer a lightweight option for comfort and superior performance.
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