Master of Cutting Event 2020
Knife Skills Professionals

On 11 January 2020, food magazines BEEF! and B-EAT held a joint competition in their show kitchen in Hamburg, Germany, seeking the ‘Master of Cutting’. Contestants were scored in three areas: speed, precision and creativity. Their tools: the Crafter and Epicure series from WÜSTHOF.

The expert jury, comprised of BEEF! and B-EAT Editor-in-Chief Jan Spielhagen, star cook Renato Manzi and our CEO, Viola Wüsthof, judged the contestants’ sharply honed knife skills. At the end of the demanding challenges, the contestants were pleasantly surprised to discover that, thanks to their outstanding performances, a total of three winners were picked! It was a competition, which demanded everything: On January 11, 2020, Hamburg’s BEEF! and B-EAT magazine was looking for the “Master of Cutting” in their show kitchen. The contestants were able to prove their knowledge in three disciplines: Cutting fast, cutting precise and creative cutting. Their tools: The Crafter and the Epicure series from WÜSTHOF.

An expert jury examined the concise cutting: BEEF! And B-EAT Editor in Chief Jan Spielhagen, star cook Renato Manzi, as well as our CEO Viola WÜSTHOF. Once the challenge ended, the jury glanced into happy and surprised faces. Thanks to outstanding performances, a total of three winners were picked! Ein Wettbewerb, der Food Fans und Profiköchen alles abverlangte: Am 11. Januar 2020 wurde in der Showküche des BEEF! und B-EAT Magazins in Hamburg der “Master of Cutting” gesucht. Dabei konnten die Teilnehmer ihr ganzes Können in drei Disziplinen beweisen: Schneiden auf Zeit, präzises Schneiden und kreatives Schneiden. Ihre Werkzeuge: Die Crafter- und Epicure-Messerserie von WÜSTHOF.

Today, we have seen perfect knife skills!

Viola Wüsthof
The Master of Cutting 2020

BEEF! and B-EAT accepted online applications from food fans and professional chefs for the Master of Cutting event in Hamburg for over a month. Out of hundreds of applicants, the jury picked ten promising culinary artists with outstanding knife skills.

Contestants participated in two categories: ambitious hobby chefs competed for the ‘Master of Cutting’ title, while professional chefs from all over Germany vied for the ‘Master of Cutting Professional’ award.

Highly motivated contestants

‘I’ve never experienced such a calm kitchen – everyone was so focused on their work,’ enthused Viola Wüsthof. This was clear to see from the very start of the Master of Cutting event: finely chopped parsley, salmon tartar or perfectly cubed celery – the handiwork of concentrated contestants, all passionate about the #WÜSTHOFMoment, who crafted culinary highlights such as a Hawaiian poké bowl.

As they were preparing their dishes, the contestants must have had the main prize in mind: a trip to the Aldiana Club Costa del Sol on the sun-kissed Andalusian coast. Together with a guest of their choice, the winner would be invited to the renowned ‘Aldiana Gourmet Summit‘, an exclusive culinary event.

Our three-member jury of experts

As the contestants gave their all to win the ‘Master of Cutting 2020’ title, the jury assessed the talent on show in the BEEF! and B-EAT show kitchen. Techniques, speed, and precision were all evaluated, as well as the aesthetics of the prepared food.

The three jurors could all draw on their wealth of experience: as Editor-in-Chief of BEEF! and B-EAT, Jan Spielhagen has seen plenty of creatively prepared meals and can confidently judge how food should be presented. Star chef Renato Manzi manages the ‘Genussmanufaktur Tenne’ restaurant in the Mawell Resort in Germany. The restaurant, famous as a temple of indulgence, means that Manzi knows just how much a meal’s taste depends on proper preparation techniques. Finally, Viola Wüsthof can assess the skilful handling of the Crafter and Epicure knife series like no other.

The Winners

The BEEF! and B-EAT kitchen counter was excitedly crowded around by the ten food fans and professional chefs as the jury announced the winners. The tense atmosphere quickly turned to elation, because instead of only two names, three were called!

In the food fan challenge ‘Master of Cutting 2020’, Anna Schmidt, from Daisendorf in Southern Germany, and Thomas Kuhnt, from Sonthofen, went head to head and shared the title. Professional chef Josef Nentwig was awarded the ‘Master of Cutting Professional 2020’ title. All three winners will travel to the gourmet summit at Aldiana Club Costa Del Sol. The whole WÜSTHOF team warmly congratulates them all and wishes the contestants many more exceptional #WÜSTHOFMoments.

The knives used in the Master of Cutting Event
Contemporary design for culinary inspiration

WÜSTHOF Epicure marries German precision with the art of Japanese design. You will feel this immediately as you slice effortlessly through fresh food. The handles, designed for optimum comfort and control, are made of beautifully sculpted, sustainable natural fibres that have the feel of real wood and the strength of steel.

Be inspired with WÜSTHOF Epicure.

Manufactured entirely in Solingen, Germany.

Genuine knife craft for real food fans.

The high-quality WÜSTHOF Crafter knife series is made of carefully selected raw materials: smoked oak, brass and stainless steel, setting a conscious counterpoint to the masses. This is exactly how we create durable kitchen tools for every individual kitchen craftsperson.

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Completely manufactured in Solingen, Germany

Impressions of the event
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