Long blade knives

In this article, we will introduce you to knives that have a blade length of at least 20 centimetres. It is obvious that long blades are particularly well-suited to larger ingre-dients, but these knives excel in different areas too, as you will find out:

Super Slicer: the cut-anything knife

There are some ingredients that demand a truly exceptional knife: the tough skin of a pineapple, for example, or the stalk of an artichoke. And the Super Slicer can easily handle both: the convex, outwardly shaped serrations of the blade ensure pow-erful and clean cuts - even with very fibrous, tough foods. 

Salmon knife: sharp and flexible

Granted, there isn’t always a suitable knife for every possible situation. But, if you have a whole salmon in front of you, or at least half of one, you'll love this blade. The Salmon knife is very long, sharp and flexible, so you don't tear the fine flesh of the fish and you can cut wafer-thin slices.

Ham knife: also suitable as a carving knife

Of course we have the right speciality knife in our range when it comes to smaller hams. Thanks to its long, narrow blade, the Ham knife is also suitable as a carving knife, as you can use it to carve up roasts, hams or poultry – whether raw or cooked – very efficiently. 

Knives from this article
Bread knife 23 cm / 9"
WÜSTHOF’s precise, double-serrated edge makes a clear difference with this bread knife: in contrast with a single-serrated edge, this knife has serrations within the serrations, meaning that it remains sharp for longer, requires less pressure and is suitable for very precise, smooth cuts. Bread with a hard crust is not crushed when sliced with this double-serrated blade, while bread with a soft crust is also sliced cleanly, without any tearing of the delicate surface.
Carving knife 23 cm / 9"
The Ham Slicer has earned its name: its shape and sharpness are designed to cut very thin slices of hard ingredients, especially from hams. These qualities make this knife ideally suited to fruit and vegetables and other meats too, as well as for carving roasts.
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