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Why are some WÜSTHOF knives less expensive than others?
The right handle for every hand

In addition to the appropriate type of knife and blade length, the shape of the handle plays an extremely important role: it should fit your hand so that you can guide the knife safely and precisely. Each WÜSTHOF knife series has its own special features: for example, the Crafter series has a wooden handle while the Epicure series has a finely curved handle without finger grooves. The feel of the knife in your hand should be decisive in every knife you choose.

Forged knives
WÜSTHOF forged knives are part of our Business, 1st Class or High Class series. These knives are forged from a single piece of stainless steel and have a bolster, a thickening, between the blade and the handle. They are manufactured by ultra-modern German KUKA robots at WÜSTHOF, in a process involving over 55 production steps – methods very similar to traditional manual production.
Stamped knives

Our Economy knife series is made up of stamped knives. These blades are stamped or cut from a large sheet of steel using a laser and therefore have no bolster (so there is no thickening where the blade meets the handle). They then go through exactly the same processes as forged knives – from hardening, grinding and polishing, to handle assembly and final fine sharpening. Production of one of our stamped knives involves 15 to 20 steps with extensive quality controls to ensure reliable and precise performance characteristics.

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