The perfect knife for ultimate control
WÜSTHOF Performer

Black, sharp, unsurpassable: unique design meets pure dynamism

The WÜSTHOF Performer Knife series proves its worth with every use: exceptional quality for unconditional performance. The ultra-hard, diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated blade ensures reduced friction due to the lotus effect and glides precisely through both soft and hard ingredients. The non-slip honeycomb structure of the Hexagon Power Grip guarantees extreme control. This knife will captivate you – for a lifetime!

WÜSTHOF stands for knives – for the moment when the knife glides effortlessly through fresh food.


  • Diamond-like carbon coating increases surface hardness to a unique 104 Rockwell
  • Thanks to the lotus effect the knife glides effortlessly through food
  • Newly designed Hexagon Power Grip with non-slip honeycomb structure
  • Forged from one piece of WÜSTHOF stainless steel
  • Forged in Solingen, Germany
  • Black, sharp, unsurpassable

Highlights in detail

Diamond-like carbon coated blade for extreme performance.

The Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated blade, being extremely hard and durable, is the ultimate quality in the knife market. The black, almost magical coating increases the surface hardness of WÜSTHOF steel from 58 to a unique 104 Rockwell.

For connoisseurs, this means a remarkable advantage in performance: its extreme robustness makes it virtually immune to adverse external effects and the diamond-like surface is also extremely resistant to heat.

DLC was originally developed for the extreme conditions in space travel and motor sports; WÜSTHOF is the first knife manufacturer in the world to use this technology on a fully forged knife with bolster.

The Lotus Effect: Particles simply roll off

Performer knives glide through food almost frictionlessly: full of momentum. Thanks to the particularly low friction and non-stick properties of the diamond-like coating and the lotus effect of the black surface, particles simply roll off the blade. Freshly cut pieces of food, such as slices of a juicy onion, slip away: an ideal situation when speed and precision are required at times of intense activity in the kitchen.

Due to the hydrophobic effect, all liquids simply run off, including acids from citrus fruits, as well as fats or starches such as those from potatoes. Simply wipe the blade after each stretch at your counter and the captivating blade shines like new.


The Hexagon Power Grip – full control, always

The DLC high-performance technology is perfected by the innovative, slip-resistant Hexagon Power Grip. With its offset, non-slip honeycomb structure, it provides optimum grip in every situation and ensures outstanding control.

The bonus for the user: even under hectic, wet or other difficult working conditions, you have a firm grip on the knife, allowing you to always use your blade safely and precisely. The handle of glass fibre-reinforced polyamide is easy-care and dishwasher-safe: suitable for everyday use. Overall, the Hexagon Power Grip consistently complements the performance promise of the DLC blade. 

The Performer Promise

Perfect Fusion: High technology meets knife craft

State-of-the-art technology and over 200 years of expertise in knife craft go hand-in-hand with a natural feel for the perfect balance of a knife. Inspired by the experience and ideas of four enthusiastic professionals who value performance in all areas of life. Developed by designers and engineers who aim for the unsurpassable. Manufactured in one of the world's most modern knife production facilities. This knife will captivate you – for a lifetime!


The godparents of the Performer series

Renato Manzi, Anika Schmidt, Alexander Scharmberg and René Steinbach were on board from the planning stage. They are all experienced professionals, successful chefs and goal-oriented performers, who also pursue exciting hobbies outside the kitchen with exacting passion. Their mission: to develop knives for the perfect knife moment together with the WÜSTHOF team led by product designer Björn Berger and designer Dominik Trautmann. The aim was to create knives that inspire with their extraordinary performance and are also fun to work with in every situation.


Renato Manzi

Gourmet chef and unerring football striker


Anika Schmidt

Professional show cook and enthusiastic swimmer


Alexander Scharmberg

Show cook and a stickler for detail when it comes to music


René Steinbach

Creative chef and imaginative vegetable gardener

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