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Which knives do I really need?
The Basics
These knives are a must have

A basic assortment of high-quality kitchen knives should be at hand in every kitchen. Three knife types meet this need:

  • a cook’s knife,
  • a vegetable knife,
  • a bread knife.

Sharp, high quality knives carry a higher price but last much longer than cheap ones: investing in quality products means that you will enjoy using your knives for longer. You will also be able to resharpen them if necessary, instead of having to buy new ones. Good knives should always be well balanced and fit comfortably in your hand.

Cook´s Knives
The all-rounder in the kitchen. The Cook’s Knife is suitable for most tasks in the kitchen, for the widest variety of cutting and gripping techniques, it makes food prepping a pleasure.
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Vegetable Knives
Small, versatile knife with a slim blade and plain edge. It is very suitable for cutting, chopping, cleaning and decorating fruit and vegetables.
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Bread Knives
Belongs in every kitchen. Bread and other hard-skinned foods are no problem with the serrated edge. Even with hard crusts, the knife produces a clean cut.
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Asian Knives
In Europe the chef's knife, in Asia the Santoku. Mincing, chopping and preparing - no problem. Now indispensable in kitchens all around the world.
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Meat Knives
With its shape and sharpness designed to cut very fine slices. Excellent for meat, fruit and vegetables and as well as for carving roasts.
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Filleting Knives
With its flexible blade, this knife is suitable for the wafer-thin filleting of fish, meat and fruit. Precise cuts, filleting from the skin - the special talents of this knife.
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Brunch Knives
Cuts cleanly through rolls without tearing thanks to serrated edge. It is suitable for vegetables, fruit or dry sausage. Your companion for the most important meal of the day.
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Steak Knives
The extra-sharp blade not only does a good beef steak justice without tearing the fibres. A must on the table when meat is on the menu.
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Speciality Knives
We have the right cutting solutions for special challenges. Cheese, tomatoes, tortes and even bones are no problem. Find the right knife here.
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Knife sets
Of course, we have also put together sets for you. From basic equipment to fully stocked knife blocks. Let us inspire you.
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Culinary Equipment
We also support you in preparing for your cutting moment. Scissors, palettes, tweezers and much more. Here in WÜSTHOF quality.
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