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Knife skill tips in collaboration with BEEF! Magazine

How to effortlessly joint a goose

The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy a plump, succulent roast – why not try goose this year! How, you may wonder, could you fit such a giant bird into your oven?

Simply by skillfully jointing it first. We'll guide you through the three basic steps.


Liver slightly dissected

Nothing cuts so gently as a fresh liver. The feeling of a long cut

gliding precisely through their soft flesh is the starting signal for a grandiose moment of pleasure.

Here we want to savour it to the full with a magnificent beef liver.

Cutting Workshop with the BEEF-Magazine

Cutting side of beef

Even though butchering and cutting up a side of beef is certainly not an easy task, it allows you to prepare a variety of tasty dishes. With our step-by-step video instructions you will learn how to do it.

Cutting Workshop with the BEEF-Magazine

Cutting salmon

Everybody should have a salmon cut up into whole pieces sometime. Because it has a much better taste than the pre-portioned pieces known from the deep-freeze department. We'll take you step by step through what to do.

Relay final

Sharpening & grinding with Viola Wüsthof

In our theme special we get to the bottom of the importance of sharp knives and welcome a prominent guest in the form of Viola Wüsthof. As the highlight of the first Cutting Academy season, the managing owner of WÜSTHOF gives us an insight into her tips and tricks for ultra-sharp blades - and explains clearly how you can keep your WÜSTHOF knives sharp effortlessly at home with sharpening steel, sharpening stone or sharpening machine! Because only a sharp blade is a safe blade.

Live workshops with tips and tricks

The world stands still because of the Corona Lockdown. Restaurants have closed, singles, couples and families stay at home and provide their own food. That's why we offer you the opportunity to use your time actively - at the WÜSTHOF Cutting Academy you learn how to handle high-quality chef's knives skilfully and, on the side, you have a fresh dish on the table.

And it's that simple: On Facebook or Youtube livestream, chef René and WÜSTHOF food fan Jens Harald prepare selected recipes from KptnCook. The special thing about it is that you can participate interactively. In the chat you can ask all the questions you are interested in about cutting - expert answers guaranteed!

Professional cutting - live workshop with cooking professional René! In the livestream on Facebook and Youtube.
Episode 1
Hummus-Bowl - finely chopped vegetables with Epicure
Learn more
Episode 2
Aubergine salad - precise cuts with the Classic knife series
Learn more
Episode 3
Gnocchi pan - perfectly prepared with Classic Ikon
Learn more
Episode 4
Chicken skewers - real craft with Crafter knives
Learn more
Episode 5
Fine curry - harvested and cut with Urban Farmer
Learn more
Episode 6
Handmade fish fingers - every cut fits with the Classic Series
Learn more
Episode 7
Red cabbage salad - precisely prepared with the exclusive Aeon series
Learn more
Episode 8
Wok vegetables - with finely portioned fillet thanks to the Butcher Knife
Learn more
Episode 9
Salmon on baked potato - prepared with Classic Ikon Crème
Learn more
Episode 10
Spicy lamb chops - precisely cut with Classic knives
Learn more
Episode 11
Grilled fruit salad - slicing with Crafter knives
Learn more
Episode 12
Fresh monkfish - precisely filleted with Epicure knives
Learn more
Watch, ask live - get better

Take part in this interactive live show in which you will learn new cutting techniques every day - whether cradle cut, Julien or Paysenne cut, from claw and tunnel handles to the various ways of holding the knife, you will learn many useful tips and tricks in the workshops - and will become better every day in the precise and safe handling of chef's knives, vegetable knives or santoku.

And stay curious - maybe a special chef's knife challenge awaits you in which you can prove what you can do with the knife.

What and who will expect you

  • 13 informative cutting workshops in live format on Facebook and Youtube
  • approx. 30 minutes of interactive cooking infotainment  
  • You can ask questions during the show using the comment field - if René doesn't answer them directly, they will be answered later in the chat

The cutting expert

WÜSTHOF Food-Hero René, head chef at the Gastraum cooking school in Cologne, with razor-sharp knowledge and perfect knife-working skills


The Moderator

WÜSTHOF food fan Jens Harald, Profession: filmmaker. Appeals: meat lover. Loves to explore new methods of preparation

Cutting Tutorials
Cut the carrot into small cubes with the Epicure Santoku
Cut asparagus into three different shapes with the Classic Ikon Santoku
Culinary inspiration from KptnCook

For the selection of the recipes we could win a great partner: KptnCook - an inspiring cooking app that helps its followers to prepare a healthy dinner every day in a short time - from the recipe idea to shopping in the supermarket to the perfect cutting moment; of course with WÜSTHOF knives. 

All recipes we prepare at the WÜSTHOF Cutting Academy are also linked directly to the KptnCook App, so you can recook them at any time. 

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