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How to cut a Beef liver

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If there is one special moment during meat preparation that makes everything worthwhile, then it’s the crackling of the meat that comes when you easily cut off large, tender pieces. And this moment is fairly common when it comes to liver. Together with WÜSTHOF, we’ll show you how to prepare it.

In the WÜSTHOF workshop, we use a beef liver with skin which, like all other types of liver, is rich in minerals, vitamin B12 and above all vitamin A. This power-packed hunk is about 40 centimetres long and weighs in at seven kilograms. Additionally, you should have one or two plastic cutting boards to hand, because preparing beef liver can get a bit bloody.


The right "piece" of meat

As with humans, the liver is responsible for removing toxins. Over a long life, harmful substances can accumulate in the animal’s liver. This is no problem when you purchase the liver from a butcher you trust, as they will only sell liver from young animals. Otherwise, it is worth asking how old the animal was. The liver may contain toxins, especially with regard to older animals.

So that you get the full experience while cooking, buy your liver with the skin. And this is precisely where we’ll begin.

Step 1

Liver is the order of the day

If you bought a liver with skin, the so-called hepatic capsule, then you first need to peel it off. To get started, first take an ideally pointy and sharp knife such as the WÜSTHOF Crafter Carving Knife and make a light cut into the fine skin. Then use your thumb to gradually separate the skin from the meat. The pieces will be sometimes big, sometimes small – it’s a bit of a game of chance. If it gets too tricky, then you can use the Carving Knife for assistance.

Step 2

Liver is the order of the day

Every liver is home to bile ducts which – starting from the centre – run through it in the shape of a star. These need to be removed before the liver is eaten. Use the WÜSTHOF Crafter Carving Knife to cut the corresponding areas in V-shapes and remove the bile ducts.

Step 3


This is the best part of the work: use the WÜSTHOF Crafter Cook’s Knife to cut off thin slices. As liver doesn’t have any fibres, you can cut it from any direction. To create the greatest surface area, cut the liver into angled slices. For optimal flavour, cut the liver into one-centimetre-thick slices.

Step 4


To reduce the bitter agents, marinate the steaks in milk for around an hour and then coat them with flour. This makes them juicier. Larger steaks make it easier for you to cook them to a medium temperature. Serve them ideally with clarified butter.

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