Renato Manzi
The striker
Master of control
Who is Renato Manzi?
Gourmet chef with exceptional instincts

Renato Manzi is head chef at the Genussmanufaktur Tenne at the Mawell Resort in Hohenlohe, Germany. His many awards include two Michelin stars, the result of his finely honed technique and natural instinct for what makes things special. He is also centre forward in the national team of top chefs, a role to which he devotes the same energy and discipline as his cooking. He maintains a relationship with his old teacher, Harald Wohlfahrt, who held a three-star Michelin rating for a record-breaking 25 years.

'I'm painstaking and prepare everything with full dedication. And so when the time comes, I deliver!'

Why the WÜSTHOF Performer?
I love it: co-star of the show!

A knife I can rely on when pressure is highest

"There are extreme peak times in everyday kitchen life. The second I pick a knife up, I have to feel that it will follow me unconditionally. I only use three to five knives regularly and they have to feel like a part of me. I particularly like the Performer Cook’s Knife. The grip makes it very agile, and the coating gives it incredible cutting properties. It can do almost everything."

My moment
Honouring my teacher and friend

"Every year I do a two-week internship with my old friend and teacher Harald Wohlfahrt, a three-star chef. I was delighted to prepare the main course for his 60th birthday, to honour him in this way and show my gratitude. I completed my training as a cook with Harald and still meet up with him regularly, cooking together at the hot stove."

My tip
Fresh regional ingredients

"My cooking style is classic French Mediterranean. For me it is essential to create imaginative dishes with fresh regional ingredients. During my annual internship with my old friend and teacher Harald Wohlfahrt, I sometimes peel whole boxes of tomatoes. I find new recipe ideas on my worldwide discovery tours, and perfect ingredients at the dealers I trust."

"When I work with my WÜSTHOF Performer Cook’s Knife, it's like hitting the sweet spot on the ball and seeing it land in the net!"
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