Impressive knives designed especially for steaks and meats

Add exceptional elegance to enjoying a good meal with friends: our WÜSTHOF Ikon Steak Knife Set, in an exclusive leather case, includes six impressive knives for your table.

These sharp knives refine every table setting with their natural, distinctive beauty. With the uniquely grained wooden handles of six different, exquisite types of wood, they intuitively invite your admiration. Thanks to the hand-finished polish and their outstanding sharpness, the blades are equally impressive, gliding effortlessly and precisely through meat without damaging the fibres, allowing the natural flavours and aromas to delight your taste buds immediately.

The six precious woods present an intriguing variety of colour, with each polished wooden handle feeling smooth and comfortable in the hand. As soon as you grip your Steak Knife, the pleasing ergonomic balance lets you know you can dig right in.

Enjoy your meal!

African Blackwood

African Blackwood, so distinctive for the Ikon knife series, has an elegant, deep, dark brown - almost black - hue, with a fine even structure. Due to its oil content and high density, it is naturally water-repellent and particularly robust. Its exceptional hardness also happens to make it especially suitable for the manufacture of woodwind instruments and organ pipes.

American Walnut

This attractive wood with its chocolate brown shades is the epitome of elegance. Due to its pleasant warmth, exceptional hardness and distinctive, figured grain, it is also a popular choice for the manufacture of fine furniture and for high-quality fittings in luxury yachts and top-of-the-range limousines.

Mexican Bocote

This precious wood from Central America has a distinctive, light yellowish-brown colour with dark, partially black veins, creating a refreshing light-dark contrast that gives the handle its unmistakable character. It is often used in the production of high-quality acoustic guitars.

Canadian Birdseye Maple

This dense, finely pored precious wood is a special type of maple: its lively figured grain is reminiscent of tiny, swirling eyes that interrupt the smooth lines of the grain. As the cause of this grain anomaly is largely unknown, this type of wood cannot be planted, it can only be found by chance. 

Scandinavian Curly Birch

This northern European tree has a genetic flaw that causes the wood to twist on the trunk. The annual rings therefore appear in striking shapes that give the light, grey-brown, variegated wood its fiery appearance. Because of its superior properties, this dense, strong wood has long been used in Scandinavia to make handles and shafts.

Brazilian Tulipwood

This classic, precious wood is particularly appealing thanks to its beautifully figured grain and striking colouring. Far from being botanically related to tulips, this lustrous wood is a type of rosewood and has a characteristic rose-like scent when freshly cut.

Forged in Solingen, Germany

Solingen, known throughout the world as the ‘City of Blades’, has a centuries-old forging tradition and stands for precision, craftsmanship and high-quality materials. In our technologically advanced WÜSTHOF workshops, we combine all the quality features that have made our region an internationally renowned centre for outstanding knife craftsmanship.

Ikon Steak Knife Set with Leather Case
Six iconic Steak Knives – for special moments of shared enjoyment with loved ones

Each forged to the highest standards in our workshops. Each with a distinctive handle of precious wood. Protected by a handcrafted leather case. Each set a unique collection. Enjoy the extraordinary moments in everyday life.