Chinese chef's knife & sharpener set

Chinese chef's knife & sharpener set

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Chinese chef's knife & sharpener set

The Chinese cook´s knife is shaped like a cleaver but is not suitable for cutting through bones. It is used for slicing and chopping herbs and vegetables.

  • For cutting meat, cabbage, vegetables, herbs and fruit. Chinese cook´s knives from WÜSTHOF are specially designed for these requirements. Thanks to the redesigned handle and polished edge for exceptional sharpness, food preparation becomes truly enjoyable. Forged from one piece of specially tempered high carbon steel to ensure outstanding strength. Comfortable, secure handling. Completely hygienic.
  • Innovative knife sharpener for left and right-handed use. Two levels are available for sharpening knives, depending on how much cutting performance has been lost. The first level, "Coarse", is recommended for when the knife is blunt. The second level, "Fine", is suitable both for fine sharpening following on from the first level or for regular resharpening of the blade. The ceramic slats grind the blade and the knife regains its original sharpness. Knives with a serrated edge should only be sharpened using the second level in order to remove any burrs that have developed. The traditional company based in Solingen, Germany, has designed the knife sharpener to make it easy for anyone, even without experience, to sharpen knives.
  • Quality - Made in Germany / Solingen.

1040331818 - CLASSIC IKON Chinese chef´s knife
4348 - Knife-Sharpener

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