The Purist

An outstanding cook

makes fantastic dishes with simple ingredients

My tip: Give up on even one case, but always try it anyway - and if something doesn't work, you can always make a broth out of it.

René Steinebach - Advice to his cooking students
About René

During his training as a butcher, René quickly discovered his passion for food preparation and quickly knew that his future lay in the kitchen - he became a chef, worked in renowned restaurants as a sous- or chef de cuisine and soon founded a successful catering company.

His philosophy is simple - but not unimaginative: He cooks with regional and seasonal ingredients with the aim of delighting people with selected products. With his love for intensive taste experiences as well as the passion to work with food fans, René has been cooking at the event location "Gastraum in der alten Zigarrenfabrik" in Cologne since 2013.

The knife

My faithful companion

I bought my first good knife after my training. I quickly noticed what a difference a really high quality knife like the one from WÜSTHOF can make. It immediately became my sanctuary, which I always took home in the evening. When I have grooved myself with a knife, it has a sentimental value for me and I always maintain or sharpen it myself.

My favorite knife is the WÜSTHOF Epicure chef's knife with the 16 cm blade. It is the perfect size, the handle fits comfortably in the hand and it is not tiring at all to work with. The blade is a versatile all-rounder - for vegetables, herbs and meat.


Over time, every knife takes on the character of its owner.

René Steinbach - about the importance of knives for professional chefs
My Cutting Moments

2 impressive cuts

The surprising one: My first cut with the WÜSTHOF Epicure bread knife with the new precision double shaft. When I cut through a fresh baguette with the shark tooth cut, the ultra-sharp blade went through like butter - without any crumbs. This may sound exaggerated, but even as an experienced chef it made a big impression on me. 
The pioneer: As a young chef, I worked briefly on shopping TV. For a show I wanted to cut a coconut in half with a cleaver of this inferior knife series. In the process a large piece of steel broke out of the blade - a dangerous No Go! Today I say fortunately, because due to the material defect, this horror scene turned into a moment of happiness after all - I immediately left the show again and since then I only trust high-quality products like WÜSTHOF knives.

You can wake me up at night and I'll cook you a menu. Cooking is always on my mind, it's my passion and my life, not just a job.

René Steinbach - about his passion for cooking
My way of working

Simple cooking, seasonal and regional

Before I pick up my chef's knife and prepare the food with precise cuts, I find inspiration in my sensuality and the OFF - the moments without the remembrance! 

My cooking style is simple, seasonal and regional. I don't put too many ingredients in a dish, for me it is important that the guest can understand what is on his plate. And that includes being able to re-cook it. The guest should never be overwhelmed by a dish and should also be able to taste which ingredients were used. Therefore I use mostly seasonal ingredients from the region.

Cutting Academy with René


Live workshops with tips and tricks

The world stands still because of the Corona Lockdown. Restaurants have closed, singles, couples and families stay at home and provide their own food. That's why we offer you the opportunity to use your time actively - at the WÜSTHOF Cutting Academy you learn how to handle high-quality chef's knives skilfully and, on the side, you have a fresh dish on the table.

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