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About the Wildbakers
Precision on the slopes, high performers in the bakery

When Johannes Hirth and Jörg Schmid are in the bakery they are simply unstoppable. The two ‘Wildbakers' are passionate about baking. The two men, from the Swabian area of southern Germany, love traditional baking craft as much as they love life itself. Together, with dedication and passion, they dare to try things that no one else would attempt in a bakery. Their mission: to bake the perfect bread!

This passion regularly takes them from the bakery to the slopes. As with the preparation of bread dough, precision and concentration are what count in the snow. Full performance combined with skill and willpower. Wild and untamed, the ‘Wildbakers’ cut their downhill curves as precisely as the Performer Bread Knife glides through fresh bread.

Why the WÜSTHOF Performer?
Slice fresh bread precisely with the sharp double serrated edge

Johannes and Jörg love a fast descent on the slopes. Just like a perfect knife, both snowboard and skis must be absolutely impeccable, with no rough edges or weak spots. The WÜSTHOF Performer Bread Knife brings this pleasure to life when slicing through fresh, crusty bread.

Baking and skiing have a lot in common for the Wildbakers. Both offer a deep feeling of freedom, when the first tracks are drawn in fresh snow or fresh dough is rolled out and kneaded for the first time.

Like a piece of pioneering work dared by no other, the DLC blade with precision double serrated edge simply glides through bread, leaving its clean mark like skis in fresh snow.

Our Wüsthof Moment
A passion for good bread and traditional craftsmanship

As ‘Wildbakers', we are driven by the passion for exceptionally good bread and the desire to create something new. The bakery trade has a long history, but we want to create a new image for it and are absolute trailblazers as event bakers – something that inspires us, that we are proud of.

Positive feedback from our customers makes us proud too, as then we know that we have created a moment of pleasure. For us, passion for our craft and full performance in the bakery go hand in hand. As heroes of the night, we are the saviours of the morning, combining full performance with full flavour and sharp knives.

The secret to the perfect slice is to take a long, sharp knife and saw the bread. If I have a serrated blade, I slice soft crumbs or firmer bread far more gently.

The Wildbakers
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