Black, sharp, unsurpassable
Developed by successful top chefs and master bakers

Four top chefs and two master bakers collaborated on the WÜSTHOF development team, led by designer Björn Berger and design engineer Dominik Trautmann, for the development of the Performer knife series. Why? Because only true professionals have an eye for those little details that perfect the design of a knife.

Authorities on knives, real professionals, can swiftly judge whether a knife can be used to switch effortlessly between knife techniques, whether it glides evenly through different kinds of food and whether it still fits perfectly in the hand after a spell of intensive work.

But our professionals brought more than just their expertise to the table. As show cooks, ‘wild bakers’ and chef/baker trainers, their insights will now enable you to hone your professional-level knife skills – by using the uncompromisingly convincing Performer knives.

  • Diamond-like carbon coating
  • Non-stick Lotus effect
  • Hexagon Power Grip
  • Forged from one piece of WÜSTHOF steel
  • Made in Solingen

High technology meets knife craft

When developing the Performer knives, our designers and engineers combined cutting-edge technologies with over 200 years of forging experience in knife craft.

All Performer knives are manufactured at our pioneering knife production facility in Solingen, Germany. They are the world's first fully forged knives with bolster that are finished with a diamond-like-carbon (DLC) coating - a technology developed for the extreme conditions of space travel and motorsports.

The DLC coating increases the surface hardness of the blade to a unique 104° Rockwell and makes it exceptionally heat-resistant. In addition, the coating creates a lotus effect; this hydrophobic or water-repellent property ensures that freshly chopped ingredients, such as onions, slide off the blade easily, making food preparation and plating so much less of a chore.

Even starches, alkalis or acidic liquids such as those from citrus fruits, simply roll off the blade. Our black Performer knives glide effortlessly through hard and soft ingredients. Simply wipe the blade after use and it will shine as good as new.

In the production process, experienced bladesmiths ensure that each knife is extremely sharp but also perfectly balanced – so that it feels like a natural extension of your hand. Every Performer blade is ideal for precise knife techniques, whether in your relaxed home kitchen or in a hectic professional cooking environment.

The godparents of the Performer series
Four top chefs and two master bakers perfected the Performer knives

Renato Manzi, Anika Schmidt, Alexander Scharmberg, René Steinbach, Johannes Hirth und Jörg Schmid: four experienced chefs and two professional ‘wild bakers’, on board from the onset of the planning stage of the WÜSTHOF Performer knife series. They are all enthusiastic, successful food specialists and goal-oriented performers, who pursue exciting hobbies outside the kitchen or bakery with just as much passion. They brought their experience as chef trainers, entertainers and show masters, athletes, music lovers or gardeners to the series development.

Our 'godparents' are united by their great love of food, a high demand for quality and the desire to inspire their guests and customers. With their razor-sharp expert knowledge, they worked with our WÜSTHOF designers to develop the dynamic Performer knives.

Anika Schmidt

Show cook and powerful swimmer

Alexander Scharmberg

Show cook and music lover

Renato Manzi

Gourmet chef and unerring striker

René Steinbach

Creative chef and imaginative gardener


Master bakers in the kitchen, turn-carving heroes on the piste