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Perfect treats meet treasured masterpieces
We are proud to introduce our WÜSTHOF Ikon Steak Knife Set, beautifully presented in an exquisite leather case with six iconic Steak Knives – each unique, with their distinctive handles of precious wood sourced from all four corners of the earth. This elegant set is a razor-sharp companion for your premium cuts, whether juicy South American steaks from the barbeque, or a gently cooked fillet of Japanese Wagyu beef.

  • Outstanding knife craftsmanship coupled with six precious woods
  • Forged from special WÜSTHOF steel
  • Final polish by hand
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Ideally balanced thanks to our double bolster design
  • Exquisite leather case for safe transport
  • Made in Solingen, Germany

Our selection of precious woods

Ikon Steak Knives are distinctive, one-of-a-kind items, with special handles crafted from precious woods sourced from around the world and carefully selected by our product developers. Some of the woods are more commonly used in the production of musical instruments, while others are renowned for their use in highly detailed work, such as turned furniture and fine inlays.

Our impressive portfolio of woods includes African Blackwood, American Walnut, Mexican Bocote, Canadian Birdseye Maple, Scandinavian Curly Birch and Brazilian Tulipwood. Each knife is as unique as the striking grain of its individual handle.

These Steak Knives will play a confident role on your elegantly laid table. Creating an artistic feature to the overall setting, each knife will perfectly complement the rest of your tableware with no need to blend in. Whether at a barbecue or a formal dinner, our Steak Knives, with their distinctive personalities, not only pay tribute to your celebration, but also enhance your enjoyment of the experience. These unique knives are the ideal accompaniment to a delicious feast. 

Handcrafted leather, perfect when on the move

And after dinner? Safely stow your Steak Knives away in their quality leather case of natural Tuscan cowhide. This elegant, luxurious case provides perfect protection for your knives to await their next delicious appearance.

The leather case is hand-sewn in Germany according to strict quality guidelines. Only natural tanning agents are used in the production of this high-quality leather, giving it an authentic charm, and allowing it to develop a beautifully aged patina over time.

On the inside, smooth suede provides a pleasing feel. Each soft compartment protects the precious wood of the handles and the sharp blades, so your Steak Knives won’t be damaged when on the move or when stored in a drawer, remaining sharp for so much longer.

Use this beautiful Steak Knife Set at home or away – share your WÜSTHOF moment with your guests/hosts!