WÜSTHOF Performer

Four outstanding cook’s knives – developed by four top performers
Black, sharp, unsurpassable

Unique design meets pure dynamism!

The WÜSTHOF Performer knife series proves its worth with every use: exceptional quality for unconditional performance. The ultra-hard, diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated blade ensures reduced friction due to the lotus effect, gliding precisely through both soft and hard ingredients while the non-slip honeycomb structure of the Hexagon Power Grip guarantees extreme control. This knife will captivate you – for a lifetime!

WÜSTHOF stands for knives – for the moment when the knife glides effortlessly through fresh food.

Mission Perfection

The knife for the perfect WÜSTHOF moment

Renato Manzi, Anika Schmidt, Alexander Scharmberg and René Steinbach were on board from the very start of planning for the WÜSTHOF Performer knife series. They are all successful chefs and goal-oriented performers who happen to have exciting hobbies outside the kitchen that they pursue with just as much passion.

Their mission: to work with the WÜSTHOF team, product designer Björn Berger and design engineer Dominik Trautmann, to develop knives for that perfect culinary moment. Knives that captivate you with their extraordinary performance, yet are also fun to work with.

Anika Schmidt

Professional show cook & passionate swimmer

‘The DLC blade glides through ingredients just as I glide into an Olympic pool!'

Anika Schmidt is a true multi-talented performer: a successful professional show cook and winner of the Chefs Trophy Junior Show Cook 2017. In addition, she is 'godmother' to the WÜSTHOF Performer Santoku, contributing her experience and ideas regarding the perfect knife right from the start – inspired by her passion for swimming.

Renato Manzi

Gourmet chef & star striker

'With the Hexagon Power Grip I've got just as much power and control as with my right foot.'

A good-humoured champion, Renato Manzi knows what it takes to win. As a top chef and sportsman, he has celebrated many successes; his expertise and involvement as 'godfather' to the 20 cm WÜSTHOF Performer Cook’s Knife has greatly benefited the development team, who all agree that his experience as centre forward of the national team of top chefs has played an important role.

Kochmesser 20
Alexander Scharmberg

Show cook & music lover

'Using a WÜSTHOF Performer I instantly get into the perfect rhythm; it's just as enthralling as the sound in my headphones.'

With his sense of rhythm and high level of cooking expertise, Alexander Scharmberg is one of the most sought-after event chefs in Germany. His likeable Berlin style makes him a charismatic front man, delighting his guests at every performance. As 'godfather' to the 16 cm WÜSTHOF Performer Cook’s Knife he came up with valuable suggestions for the development team while listening to his music.

Kochmesser 16
René Steinbach

Creative chef & vegetable gardener

'The lotus effect means that my DLC blade is always clean!'

Boredom and mediocrity are unknown to René Steinbach. He is the creative chef in his catering business, cooking instructor and owner of a cookery school, and has worked as a TV cook; he is also a lover of nature and a keen vegetable gardener. He played an active role in the development of the WÜSTHOF Performer knife series, bringing his appreciation of the creativity of nature to the fore as 'godfather' to the Paring Knife.


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