The knife with a Calabrian soul

A distinctive olive wood handle and curved lines, harmonious and strong in character - that's how you recognize the southern Italian roots of our WÜSTHOF Amici series. The distinctively grained wood is from Calabria and the natural shapes bear witness to the sun-kissed Mediterranean soul of the Italian bella famiglia.

Each Amici knife combines exceptional WÜSTHOF quality with well-balanced and intuitive handling to accompany you, your family and your friends during preparation, plating and enjoyment of your Mediterranean- or any other – delicacies.

Calabrian Nonna Olga from Castello Serragiumenta , with her infections zest for life, has been entirely captivated by WÜSTHOF Amici.

Olive wood full of character

Each Amici knife is an elegant original, due to the distinctive grain of the sun-ripened olive wood handles. The Calabrian olive is a slow-growing tree, providing extremely durable wood that is naturally water-repellent and antibacterial. Our sustainable wood comes largely from olive trees that bear little fruit due to their advanced age.

‘When I touch the olive wood handle, I know I'm home!‘ / Nonna Olga

Easy to use

Harmonious lines with a full bolster give Amici knives a pleasant balance, sitting easily in your hand, while the organic design of the handle ensures that the size of your hand does not affect the security of your grip. The bolster leads into a slightly wider blade which makes the knives just a little heavier but still allows for agile handling and intuitive control.

‘The knives are very practical, I love using them, they are just wonderful!’ / Nonna Olga

Unique blade

The Amici blade is forged from a single piece of WÜSTHOF steel in our factory in Solingen, Germany. The steel is rust-resistant, tough and hard, shaped precisely in our forge and then further hardened in our exclusive process. Finally, the blade is ground and polished by hand by our experienced knife grinders to make it ready for daily use.

‘Be careful, it’s sharp! - WÜSTHOF Amici is the sharpest knife I've ever had!‘ / Nonna Olga

Made in Solingen, Germany

Solingen in Germany, known throughout the world as the ‘City of Blades’, has a centuries-old tradition of forging blades; it stands for precision, craftsmanship and high-quality materials. In our technologically advanced WÜSTHOF workshops we combine all the quality features that have made our region a worldwide symbol for outstanding knife craftsmanship.

Family Dinner
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Inspired by life in sun-kissed Calabria, WÜSTHOF Amici stands for a carefree zest for life. A life in harmony with nature, a passion for culinary pleasure – and for love. Amici combines a precisely forged blade with distinctively grained olive wood to create something truly unique – modern craftsmanship meets Italian flair. Ideal for sharing precious moments with family and friends. Benvenuti Amici. 

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