WÜSTHOF Collection 1814
Amici 1814 – Superior knife craftsmanship meets sophisticated Italian culture
Inspired by traditional and artistic Florentine engravings, WÜSTHOF Amici 1814 is proud to present the magnificent botanical diversity of Italy. Dario Cortini, a Master Engraver from Northern Italy, has created elaborate, detailed engraving for the blade that combines magnificently with the captivating grain of the Calabrian olive wood handle. As a result, this elegant work of art exudes a natural energy and, with only 1,814 unique and signed pieces, it pays impressive tribute to life's special moments.
Amici 1814 is the first knife in the new WÜSTHOF Collection 1814 - strictly limited special editions designed by an influential artist. The WÜSTHOF Collection 1814 is inspired by the date that Johann Abraham Wüsthof founded our company, with each special edition containing just 1,814 unique and individually numbered pieces.

  • Handles of Calabrian olive wood, each with a unique grain
  • Impressively sharp – final polish by hand
  • A sleek half bolster enabling agile work
  • Brass rivets
  • Made of a single piece of WÜSTHOF steel
  • Forged in Solingen, Germany
  • Strictly limited to 1,814 unique pieces

Naturally inspired – a lively tribute to the botanical diversity of Italy

We associate Italy with the sweet moments in life: La Dolce Vita – enjoying life. Italy's diverse flora is emblematic of this; it is beautiful and enchants us from north to south with its breath-taking diversity. From the green and flower-filled fields of northern Italy to the sun-drenched Mediterranean south, each area has its own individual character.

Feasting your eyes on Amici 1814’s magnificent engraving, you will be taken on a journey of discovery through the natural world of Italy. You’ll be enchanted by the bright sunflowers of Tuscany and Umbria, the radiant almond blossoms of Sicily and the olive branches of Calabria, emblematic of this Mediterranean landscape. Italian swallowtail butterflies flutter past and Italian honeybees pollinate the blossoms as you look closely at the blade, bringing the botanical highlights to life.

Fascinating artwork and an introductory look at the Amici series

Fascinating artwork and an introductory look at the Amici series
The beauty of the magnificent engraving, in combination with the olive wood handles full of character, is enchanting. The Amici 1814 Chef's Knife is not just a true testament to expert craftsmanship and a loving appreciation of nature, it is so much more as each knife is truly an individual piece of art, created for food fans who love the exceptional.
The artistically engraved knife also offers an introduction to the WÜSTHOF Amici knife series to be released in the autumn of 2021. Charged by the Italian sun and enriched with a large portion of the Calabrian zest for life, our new knife series, with a total of 7 blade shapes – from small vegetable knives to chef's knives and bread knives – cordially invites you to share life's precious moments with family and friends.

The Amici 1814 Chef’s Knife was developed in cooperation with Master Engraver Dario Cortini and the world famous Bottega Incisioni C. Giovanelli – find out more in the following stories
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