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New design – cutting edge packaging!

Knives and packaging as exceptionally attractive as ours mean that you can enjoy a feast for your eyes every time you prepare and plate food! From July 2020, everyone who treats themselves to a new WÜSTHOF Cook’s Knife will benefit from a little added bonus: our newly designed, eye-catching logo – an unmistakable seal of quality – is now on every blade.

And that's not all - our new packaging will spark anticipation for your next WÜSTHOF moment even while you’re shopping! We’ll be using our new high-quality, transparent packaging and elegant slipcase boxes to present our knives from now on. Read more in our press release (attached).

The New WÜSTHOF Design – Now on all Knives and Packaging

WÜSTHOF is upgrading its packaging concept to create more transparency in the warehouse and at the point of sale. At the beginning of July 2020 we will have successfully completed the refreshing process of changing our logo and will now produce all knives with the newly designed logo on the blade. At the same time we are using the opportunity to change the entire packaging concept.

With a new, high-quality and sophisticated packaging system, we are supporting retailers with their greatest strengths – customer consultation and the physical buying experience of selecting the ideal handle, suitable weight or the right balance.

B2B Academy
WÜSTHOF’S retailer assistance

The Lockdown came quickly and in a servereigenen Form. The current gradual easing of the restrictions is still unfamiliar to us and complicated.

All over the world, people are currently asking themselves what’s the best and the right thing to do as we head toward the normality we are hoping for. The return to what we were once used to can clearly only occur gradually. By acting in a target-oriented and foresighted way now, a company can get itself on the right track.  

WÜSTHOF is building a bridge to the customers with a new digital format. 

Important Information
Regarding the current situation at WÜSTHOF

Dear Customers,

We are writing this email to inform you that, given the current situation, we will do everything in our power over the next few weeks to provide you with the extensive WÜSTHOF service in the usual high quality. This concerns not only the dispatch of goods and orders but also the reliable processing of customer inquiries and other requests. In addition, we have sufficient goods in stock to ensure a long-term supply of all our products.

Made for eternity

The Iron Age began in Central Europe around 3,000 years ago. This was when the first knives were made. They were not made from stone, bronze or brass, but rather from a material which, in varying alloys, is still used today to manufacture knives.

For the two Aeon knives, each limited to 1,500 units, WÜSTHOF combines bog oak that is thousands of years old with a high-tech DLC coating to create a knife that is a design object, hard-wearing tool and a record of history at the same time. The company from Solingen, Germany, uses this to forge a bridge from the Iron Age to the present day.

Knife sharpening made easy

Opinions are divided on the subject of "sharpening knives". Grinding stones, sharpening steel, ceramic and diamond rods or V-sharpening systems offer good to very good results, but require patience and a little practice. Non-electric knife sharpeners, on the other hand, are very user-friendly, but can only produce mediocre results in the long run. 

With EASY EDGE, WÜSTHOF brings an electric knife sharpener into play that is easy to use and provides excellent sharpening results in the long run.

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