Prepare to share
Inspired by life in sun-kissed Calabria, WÜSTHOF Amici stands for a carefree zest for life. A life in harmony with nature, a passion for culinary pleasure – and for love. Amici combines a precisely forged blade with distinctively grained olive wood to create something truly unique – modern craftsmanship meets Italian flair. Ideal for sharing precious moments with family and friends. Benvenuti Amici. 

  • Modern craftsmanship meets Italian flair
  • Distinctively grained Calabrian olive wood handle
  • Forged from a single piece of WÜSTHOF steel
  • Impressively sharp – final polish by hand
  • Full tang
  • A knife for sharing precious moments with family and friends
  • Made in Solingen, Germany

Castello Serragiumenta - Amici's Calabrian home

Radiant sun, the scent of nature and people who love life - amidst the gentle hills of Calabria lies Castello Serragiumenta , the home of Nonna Olga and her ‘bella famiglia’ or beloved family. Here, surrounded by vineyards and seemingly endless olive groves of truly ancient trees, is a very special, heartwarming multi-generational residence - a charming home with inviting guest rooms, a restaurant serving authentic Calabrian cuisine, and a sustainable estate that allows the family to grow much of their delicious food on their own surrounding lands.

When we arrived in the Castello area, we knew immediately that this was the home of our new Amici knives, our WÜSTHOF series with a Calabrian soul. Not only does the characteristic olive wood of our exquisitely shaped handles come from this region, but family, friends and exceptional cuisine are integral parts of life at the southern tip of Italy, as they are for us too. Ciao dolce vita.

The Amici idea
A razor-sharp ode to life and shared delight

Life gives us many beautiful moments. Especially when you share special experiences with family and friends. Who better to tell us about it than a real expert, Nonna Olga from Calabria. She is the loving heart of Castello Serragiumenta . With her southern Italian energy and her Calabrian charm, she provides delicious meals for her family, including her daughter Rita Bilotti and son-in-law Paolo, who currently run the Castello.

When this family gets together, there's always fun to be had. There is a lot of laughing, singing, celebrating and dancing. And in the midst of it all, a delightfully decorated table piled high with olives and pasta, sausage and bread, water and wine. Everything is shared. A toast to life and true friendship.

With the Amici knife series, we invite you to experience these special moments yourself. Amici is your faithful companion when preparing and plating fresh food - when you conjure up daily meals for your loved ones at the dining table and when you craft moments of great culinary delight for family and friends. Enjoy every moment with a touch of that Calabrian zest for life – as Nonna Olga knows, sharing is everything.

Nonna Olga and life at Castello Serragiumenta - in short stories
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