This knife takes the art of food preparation literally

The WÜSTHOF Amici 1814 Chef's Knife is a real work of art. A truly exceptional piece with outstanding professional features.

The knife was designed and developed by our experienced WÜSTHOF development team, forged in compliance with our uncompromising quality guidelines in our workshops in Solingen, Germany. The blade was further enhanced by magnificent engraving crafted in the world-famous Bottega Incisioni C. Giovanelli under the direction of Master Engraver Dario Cortini.

The result is a flawlessly finished knife for special moments. A work of art for the senses.

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The unusual blade

Even without engraving, the production of the Amici 1814 blade is a real art that requires experience, expertise and inspiration. Production begins with the special WÜSTHOF steel; rust-resistant, hard and tough. It is shaped precisely in our forge and then hardened for daily use using our special process. Finally, the blade is ground and polished by hand by our experienced knife grinders, acquiring our impressive WÜSTHOF sharpness. 

The distinctive wood

Each Amici 1814 Chef's Knife is unique. The distinctive, striking grain of the Calabrian olive wood draws an individual pattern on each handle; no two are alike. Olive is a slow-growing tree that provides durable wood, naturally water-repellent and antibacterial. As far as possible it is finished by hand, combining functional qualities with a fascinating look. Together with the colour-coordinated brass rivets, it is the ideal companion for this unique knife.

The well-balanced design

When you look at our Amici 1814, you immediately notice the magnificent engraving and the distinctive olive wood. And as you feast your eyes the knife slowly but surely takes you on a relaxing journey through Italy. Each detail is flawless, enchanting and magical. The relationship between blade and handle is the golden ratio, known from antiquity, which gives the design its special harmony. The weight distribution of the knife is just as pleasing – the slender half-bolster design makes it remarkably light and perfectly balanced in your hand.

Forged in Solingen, Germany

Solingen, the City of Blades, is known throughout the world. With a centuries-old forging tradition, it stands for precision, craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Here, in our cutting-edge WÜSTHOF workshops, we bring together all the high-quality features that have made our home a worldwide symbol of unique knife craftsmanship.

True craftsmanship. Fine art.

This first limited edition of the WÜSTHOF Collection 1814 is in cooperation with the Italian Master Engraver, Dario Cortini. The elaborate, expert engraving on the carefully forged blade is a tribute to the natural botanical diversity of Italy with a boundless zest for life.

‘With the Amici 1814 Chef's Knife, preparing food is both a craft and an art.’

Dario Cortini Master Engraver & Creative Director of the Bottega Incisioni C. Giovanelli School of Engraving
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