WÜSTHOF cutlery is manufactured with the highest quality standards and maintains the required DIN (German Industry Standard) as well as the EN (European Standard).

WÜSTHOF cutlery is fully warranted to be free of defects in material and/or craftsmanship.

Any item claimed as defective must be returned to us for inspection. Our warranty does not apply if the damage is due to what we define as normal wear or use other than the intended purpose of the item. Defective items will be repaired or replaced with the similar item, at our option.

Certain types of damages and/or conditions such as those due to age or improper treatment would void our warranty.

Please contact your local WÜSTHOF dealer or contact us directly for more information.

Wüsthof Trident of Canada Inc.
5390 Canotek Rd, Unit # 10
Ottawa ON K1J 1H8
Phone: 613 841 1301
Fax: 613 841 1302
E-Mail: info@wusthof.ca
Homepage: www.wusthof.ca

Consumer Returns please ship to:

WÜSTHOF Canada Inc.
c/o Customer Service/Warranty
5390 Canotek Rd. Unit 10
Ottawa ON K1J 1H8
Phone: 613-841-1301


More Information about Consumer Returns: