Product Warranty and Replacement Policy

Please note: for CANADA only.

Consumer returns please ship to:

WÜSTHOF Canada Inc.
c/o Customer Service/Warranty
5390 Canotek Rd. Unit 10
Ottawa ON K1J 1H8
Phone: 613-841-1301

WÜSTHOF cutlery is manufactured exclusively in Solingen Germany, exceeding the highest quality standards in the industry. All product is guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and craftsmanship. This guarantee however, is NOT unconditional. While WÜSTHOF products are manufactured using premium materials under precise engineering standards, they are not indestructible. Therefore, this guarantee does NOT cover product damage as a result of abuse or misuse of the product.

Consumer Returns Procedure

All WÜSTHOF products must be inspected by WÜSTHOF Canada Inc. to establish replacement or repair at our discretion. Before taking the steps to return damaged product for inspection, please review the following circumstances where possible misuse would void the product guarantee. Defective items will be replaced with the same item. Should said item no longer be available, it will be replaced with a similar item at our discretion.

Bent/Broken Tips or Edges: Knives that have been dropped or used to pry may bend or even snap under the pressure. Broken tips, blades or chips to the edge with evidence of bending at the damage point are a clear sign that undue force was placed on the knife causing the damage. If it is possible, repairing this type of damage would require the services of an experienced knife grinder or sharpening service (a service which WÜSTHOF does not perform nor provide as part of our warranty).

Melted Handles: WÜSTHOF uses a high impact resistant synthetic material for the handles. Direct exposure to heat, such as elements from the stove, oven or an open flame will cause this material to melt. As our handles are permanently mounted to the tang, damage due to heat is not repairable.

Wooden Handles: Wood and wood composite handles are not meant to be exposed to water for extended periods and are absolutely not dishwasher safe. If your wood or wood composite handle has cracked due to excessive water exposure, the warranty is void.

Edge and/or General Damage Created by Improper Sharpening and/or Edge Care: WÜSTHOF cannot be held responsible for irreparable edge or general damage caused by a third party sharpening service or sharpening product. Any problem caused by a third party or equipment, must be addressed with the service used or product manufacturer. Please use caution when selecting a service or equipment other then a WÜSTHOF product. We always recommend moderation with the use of any sharpening device, manual or electric.

Should you have a damaged WÜSTHOF product that is not covered under our warranty, please contact us for replacement purchase options.

Note: This Product Warranty and Replacement Policy does not cover products that have worn out over time through use. This Warranty and subsequent return instructions are for Canada only. For other countries, please visit

Shipping Instructions:

If you have product for warranty assessment, .
Please note that WÜSTHOF Canada Inc. does not accept charges for freight on incoming goods. All product sent back to you, will be shipped via ground transportation.
Please complete all the steps below and include this form with your return.

Step #1 Complete your personal information, all fields required
Step #2 Identify which product is being returned for warranty assessment and reason.
Step #3 Return instructions:

1) Ensure your product is clean and free of all food particles. For health and safety reasons, all soiled items will be returned at sender’s expense.
2) Include all broken pieces.
3) Items must be packaged securely.
a. Wrap the knife in newsprint or bubble wrap and secure with a rubber band. Ensure all ends are safely tucked in.
b. Wrapped item should be safely packed inside an outer parcel or padded envelope. Ensure wrapped item has no added movement inside parcel or envelope.
4) Include this completed form inside the parcel or padded envelope.
5) Ship with: Canada Post or a courier service. We recommend a tracking or signature option.
6) Address Parcel to:

WÜSTHOF Canada Inc.
c/o Customer Service/Warranty
5390 Canotek Rd. Unit 10
Ottawa ON K1J 1H8

WÜSTHOF Canada Inc. is not responsible for product lost in transit.

Your product will be inspected within 48 hrs. of receipt. If your product is not covered under our warranty, we will contact you with a replacement purchase option.

Please see attached for the Consumer Returns Form to be included in the website as a separate PDF.