Chinese chef´s knife & Cleaver set - 9284


Chinese chef´s knife & Cleaver set - 9284


  • The Chinese cook´s knife is shaped like a cleaver but is not suitable for cutting through bones.
  • It is used for slicing and chopping herbs and vegetables.
  • For cutting meat, cabbage, vegetables, herbs and fruit.
  • Chinese cook´s knives from WÜSTHOF are specially designed for these requirements.
  • Thanks to the redesigned handle and polished edge for exceptional sharpness, food preparation becomes truly enjoyable.
  • High-quality stainless steel. Comfortable, secure handling.
  • Completely hygienic.
  • Cleaver: This large and heavy blade is used to split bones.
  • Blade width 3,5 mm.
  • Weight 460 gr.
  • Quality - Made in Germany / Solingen.


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