New Items 2017

Sophisticated knife block in a purist design: At hand’s reach!

Many different options are available for storing sharp knives in the kitchen. One particularly elegant solution is the new knife block with magnets from WÜSTHOF. The tasteful design and perfect combination of solid beech wood and sophisticated stainless steel make this knife block a real eye-catcher in any kitchen.
Up to six knives can be placed on both sides. Knives with short or long blades are safely held in placed by the magnets fitted into the wood.

Additional details: Knife block 7231

Solid beech wood chopping and serving boards: Natural products in a timeless design

Working with wood products in the kitchen is great. The advantages of these natural products come to light particularly when using sharp knives. The solid boards protect the knives so the blades do not get blunt so easily and they are also particularly hygienic. WÜSTHOF, a traditional company based in Solingen, Germany, has developed three new chopping and serving boards in white beech, which will impress in the kitchen as well as on the table thanks to their plain design and natural simplicity.

Additional details: Chopping and serving board 7291-1

The new generation of peelers from WÜSTHOF: Form follows function

If you want to peel fruit or vegetables quickly and thoroughly, you are going to need a good potato peeler or swivel peeler. WÜSTHOF is launching three new peelers, which will not only bring colour to the kitchen, but will also impress during everyday use.

Additional details: Swivel peeler 3071 , Peeler fixed blade 3072 , Peeler 3073

Expansion of the CLASSIC range of knives: Making things a little lighter and easier

Knives should fit nice and safely in the hand. This is where the bolster, the connection between the blade and the handle, plays a central role. It provides the right balance and also makes up the weight of a forged knife. Those with delicate hands, however, may find some knives too heavy for them. For those who would like things to be a little easier in future, the knife specialist WÜSTHOF now offers new half bolster knives, which are 30 percent lighter than the traditional full bolster knives from the popular CLASSIC range.

> Paring knife 4065/09 ,
> Cook´s knife 4581/16 , 4581/20 , 4581/23 ,
> Santoku 4181 ,
> Confectioner´s knife 4514 .

Household scissors for precise and safe cutting

The traditional Solingen-based company expands its current range of scissors with a new line of household scissors and shears made from satin-finished stainless steel – the mirror image of quality and durability.
High quality and durability is what characterises the satin-finished scissors, which are available in four versions. Stainless steel textile scissors are available especially for working with textiles, guaranteeing fatigue-free work over a long period of time.

Additional details: Household scissors - 5324 / 18 cm , Household shears - 5334 / 18 cm

Cut-resistant gloves for small and large hands: No need to worry about sharp blades!

Every home needs sharp knives. They are a real must-have for ambitious home cooks. To make sure nothing goes wrong when cutting, you need to concentrate fully on what you are doing in the kitchen. For additional protection, look no further than the new cut-resistant gloves from WÜSTHOF, which are practical and robust at the same time.

Additional details: Protection glove 7669 Size L/9 , Size S/7

The ideal present for all knife aficionados: Cutting edge refrigerator magnets

Still looking for a suitable present for people who like to cook? Then, WÜSTHOF's new refrigerator magnets are just the right thing. Shaped like small cook's knives, they keep large and small notes in place on magnetic surfaces.
The set comprises 4 magnets, presented in a small and appealing gift box.

Additional details: Set of refrigerator magnets 4 pcs. - 9994