To ensure that your knives stay beautifully sharp, you should use your honing steel regularly. By honing your knife with the steel, you can restore the cutting edge, which will have deteriorated over time. Experts say that the thinly sharpened cutting edge of the knife deteriorates. You can't see these changes with the naked eye.

The honing steel is made from hard chromium plated steel with a hardness of approx. 65° Rockwell. An alloy tool steel (material no. 2210) with 1.15% C (carbon) content, 0.6% chromium and 0.03% vanadium, is used for all steels.
This gives the surface of the steel the particularly high wear resistance necessary for dealing with the hardening material quality of the knife blades.

There are various types of surface available:


The most frequently used surface for domestic and kitchen steels.
This steel quickly produces a new edge on the blade, enabling a smooth cut.


For butchers who sharpen their knives themselves on a grinding machine but use the honing steel to fine-tune the edge of the blade in order to produce a smooth cut.

Some of our honing steels have an oval shape.
These have a larger surface area, allowing you to sharpen your knives more quickly and efficiently.