Cutting with the cook's knife

The cook's knife is your most essential companion for preparing all kinds of dishes.
It covers a wide range of cutting tasks.

To help you get the best from your cook's knife, you need to choose the most suitable size. We supply a wide range of blade lengths from 12 cm up to 36 cm. Professional chefs prefer a cook's knife with a length of 20 cm or longer. For home cooking, blade lengths of 16 cm to 20 cm are usually preferred.

It is best to try the various lengths at a specialist retailer and choose the size you feel most comfortable with.

How to hold the knife:

The cook's knife requires safe handling. Many chefs hold their knives as follows:

Place the lower three fingers of the hand you use to hold the knife around the handle, with the middle finger on the bolster.

The thumb and index finger clasp the blade left and right.

This is a safe way of holding the knife and guarantees a precise cut as you guide the blade.

How to cut correctly - using the "claw grip" and the chopping cut

Hold the cook's knife as described above.

Hold the food you are going to chop with your free hand. Your fingertips should be pointing towards the inside of your hand.
This prevents any accidents involving your fingers!

The knife is close up against the fingers so that the blade lightly touches the fingers when cutting.

The cook's knife is moved straight up and down along the fingers with the tip of the knife always staying on the cutting board.
So the knife makes a rocking movement.

At the same time, the food can be moved towards the blade by the thumb.
This technique might seem quite difficult at first but practice makes perfect.
The rocking up and down movement should be slow at first.
You'll soon see - as you get into the routine, you will get better and faster at doing it.

As you get used to it, you will be able to chop more quickly.
With a little practice, food can be cut very precisely and quickly without having to put much effort into it.

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